Indie April, Harvey online

Last weekend should have been Scarborough sci-fi , which was also hosting the Harvey Duckman writers conference. It was also going to be the launch of Harvey Duckman Presents volume 4, Craig Hallams, Emi (which is brilliant and I will be reviewing it shortly), and indeed my own latest novel, Maybe, was intended to be officially released there as well.

None of this happened (though all the books have been released) But instead Sixth Element Publish who produce the Harvey books and work with lots of authors, including myself, organised an on line get together, part of which was broadcast on Facebook and is now up on You Tube, because if you are going to get a bunch of authors to step outside there comfort zone and talk to the world, then you may as well stick it on as much of the internet as possible…

In all seriousness, it was great fun to be a part of, and if your interested in writers, writing, or the questionable sanity of humanity (in the best possible ways) then its worth a watch or just a listen to in the background while your doing something. Its very much a talking heads production…

Disclaimer: this is not a slick, edited, professionally produced video, its is raw footage of a bunch of writers chatting about writing, their books, the prevalence of cats that turn up in novels, publishing and a a whole host of other stuff.  Its very raw in places, oddly I find it so much more interesting because of that…


hd and maybe

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