A look back at Indie April

Last month as you may be aware I threw the doors of the passing place wide open to a series of guest posts from indie writers of all kith and kin. The brief i gave them all was simple, write me a blog post about whatever you wish, be it your writing, about writing, random thoughts, something insightful, or just a few jotted notes about whatever…

guats post babbner

What I received back and let out into the world was a mixed bag of wonderfulness, which got interspersed with a few waffling’s of my own. Some were inspiring, some illuminating and a few were purest gold… if you missed any then here is a complete list of all of Indie Aprils posts. Some may be of interest… But none of them will change your life significantly…. or will they? If nothing else they will introduce you to some indie authors you may never have heard of, which is never a bad thing.

Some of these posts were windows into the minds and lives of different writers, (the management excepts no responsibility for this). Some in to the worlds they create, and many in to the process of writing itself. Or just lessons in life, art and screaming into the void in the constant fear that it will never hear you yet somehow been more terrified when it answers you back and you realise it was listening all along and no it wants to have its say…. (okay maybe that last one is just me)

My thanks to all who took part, be it the writers, those who reposted tweets, or facebook posts, those who were going to contribute but didn’t get the time but still cheered it on form the side liens and to the many many readers as this was the most successful Indie April so far, at least in terms of the blogs…



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