Pirates of Harvey 7

Avast M’hearties Pirate Day be a’coming. So batten down y’hatches. Splice the main sails. Steer with the wind, and damn y’eyes, for that callow cove Captain Duckman will keel haul the lot of y’ if y’nay pay him some mind…

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is on the horizon, and with it comes the release of Harvey Duckman Presents, The Pirate Special.

Just like the main series of Harvey Duckman Anthologies this is a collection of fifteenth exciting new writers and established independent authors of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, horror and Steampunk. To celebrate this I’m running a feature for the new few weeks on the authors and stories featured in this edition, cause Captain Duckman made me and there was mention of rum…

Mostly because of the rum…

Anthony Buxton became an author at the age of 22, writing his series The Lost Sons of the West. He currently has two books in the series released and four short stories, in volumes of Harvey Duckman Presents. Anthony also runs a new, modern blog where he shares stories of his personal life as well as in depth information about his book series and his plans for the future.

Anthony’s blog escapades have been quite entertaining.

Check out his blog at anthonybuxtondotblog.wordpress.com/


Loïc Baucherel was raised on a steady diet of sci-fi and fantasy, from Doctor Who through Star Wars and Marvel to the Hobbit. He read the entire Harry Potter series unaided before his 7th birthday to earn the right to watch the later films. During lockdown he learned techniques for plotting and constructing stories from both his school and his drama academy, and started to experiment with scripts and short stories. Jump to the Past is his first published work.

According to his Bio in this latest offering:

Andy did one thing for most of his life, then decided to do nothing. Nothing quickly turned out to be everything and now he’s too busy even to talk to himself. He also writes poetry, which can only be read with a Plutonium milkshake. He is normal. Are you?

Andy has written stories that have featured in previous Harvey’s. These stories were so entertaining and on occasion thought provoking that despite it technically being a violation of my personal religious code, (the third commandment ‘Thou’t shall not suffer to live that which rhymes in couplets’) I bought a copy of his poetry collection ‘I Saw You’.

Even more remarkably I quite enjoyed it.

I did of course shriven myself afterwards, and did penance for my foul deed, so we have no need to talk about it ever again…

Andy also has written the occasional guest blog for these hallowed halls. They have always been interesting, odd, occasionally bizarre, but interesting…

The Harvey Pirates Special comes out on International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th of September and will be available in paperback and on kindle, the kindle version is available for pre-order now… So get it or I’ll make yer walk the plank…

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  1. Andy Hill says:

    Kind words and thank you. Maybe I’ve given you poetry PTSD

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