Pirates of Harvey 8

Avast M’hearties Pirate Day be a’coming. So batten down y’hatches. Splice the main sails. Steer with the wind, and damn y’eyes, for that callow cove Captain Duckman will keel haul the lot of y’ if y’nay pay him some mind…

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is on the horizon, and with it comes the release of Harvey Duckman Presents, The Pirate Special.

Just like the main series of Harvey Duckman Anthologies this is a collection of fifteenth exciting new writers and established independent authors of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, horror and Steampunk. To celebrate this I’m running a feature for the new few weeks on the authors and stories featured in this edition, cause Captain Duckman made me and there was mention of rum…

Mostly because of the rum…

Elizabeth Tuckwell ( and I use her Sunday name because I have enormous respect for her writing, which has produced some of my favorite Harvey stories) is a British writer of quirky science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. She currently lives in London, and shares her house with a husband and too many books. (At no point has she ever explained what ‘too many books’ means, as someone living in a library with a house in the middle myself, I’m not sure such a thing is possible, but maybe that’s just me…)

Liz enjoys reading and writing, and cramming as many holidays as she can into a year. She’s a member of the Clockhouse London Writers group. Aside harvey Liz has had stories published in other anthologies such as MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigations and the Short! Sharp! Shocks! series, and on the 101fiction and Speculative66 microfiction websites.

Indeed for Liz who manages to produce great works of fiction you can fit in a tweet at times, the short stories in Harvey are almost long form… Which perhaps explains how she managed to make them seem so perfectly crafted.

Christine King, according to her Harvey bio, has always loved telling stories and writing for as long as she can remember, from bedtime stories for her young siblings to fantasy-filled short stories as a hormonal teenager. Growing up, she had a couple of short stories published in a teen magazine of the 1970s called Fab 208 and has a few rejection slips from Jackie which she held on to for years. In 2013 she won a national writing competition with her first novel, The Blade and The Dove, and has gone on to have two more books published, with two more presently underway. She finds her inspiration mainly from walking the hills and coastline of the beautiful North East of England.

Regular readers of these pages may remember I recently reviewed Smugglers Moon one of Christine’s novels, which was a great read and encouraged me to get copies of her earlier novels The Blade and the Dove, Echoes of the Stones despite not generally been a reader of romance fiction.

But as well as romance fiction she writes a little horror as well and it is in this vain that she has had stories in previous Harvey volumes. If there is a link between regency romances and horror fiction (other than pride and prejudiced & zombies) Christine is one day going to find it.

Find out more on Amazon

The Harvey Pirates Special comes out on International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th of September and will be available in paperback and on kindle, the kindle version is available for pre-order now… So get it or I’ll make yer walk the plank…

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