Survivors cover.

I have seldom being shy about my love of the work of Nimue and Tom Brown both in terms of the world of Hopeless Maine the have created between them, Toms gorgeous art and Nimue’s writing in general, and what lovely, supportive, people they are as well.
As such I thought I might share this here, both the cover the the next and final volume in the Hopeless Maine saga… and Tom’s thoughts upon it…

Its wonderful.

The only disappointing news is that Hopeless Maine: Survivors will not be out till next year…. Personally i can not wait

The Hopeless Vendetta

Hello again people! (and others)

It’s a strange and interesting time for us. We are finishing up the final volume of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novel series and this is the conclusion of something that has been a huge part of our lives (Sometimes too much a part of our lives, sometimes not enough) It brings up memories and associations that I could not even begin to list or describe adequately. It’s been woven into the last decade of our lives (plus a bit) inextricably and it’s a big part of how we got together in the first place!

So, finding an image that would feel right to us and also, hopefully, to all of you for the final graphic novel cover was a pretty big thing. We’ve had a theme in the Sloth Editions for the covers. It’s always Sal performing magic of some sort. We needed that element…

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