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Passing Affirmations…

Around three years ago in 2019, which was another age, I was convinced by a force of nature known as C.G Hatton to take my books, stand behind a stall in Scarborough at a Sci-fi convention and pretend that I … Continue reading

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Valuing your craft… reprised…

How do you value the results of your craft? It’s one of those¬†questions that’s always hard to answer, and harder to answer as a writer than, for example, as a carpenter. You might want to bear with me here for … Continue reading

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Piano Player or Pianist…

Sam, he who was famously, but never actually, asked to ‘Play it again,‘ was the piano player in Rick’s bar in Casablanca. To my mind, that is whom he is, ‘The Piano Player’, he has never been ‘The Pianist’. That … Continue reading

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