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Mandolins and the 0.2 percent

For complicated reasons, this is a bit of a rant. If you are offended by rants about politics, you may want to read other, more entertaining posts, like the last one I posted with fictional rules for tea duelling earlier … Continue reading

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Shrinking world…

The world shrinks every day, in more ways than one, but as a by-product of our shirking world, many people feel less safe. They think that the world is getting more dangerous, more bad things are happening, people are nastier, … Continue reading

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Alan Turing

As a nation, the British were lucky in the second world war to have Alan Turing.┬áHis genius directly shortened the war by two, possibly three years, and in doing so saved millions. Further to this, we know the Nazis were … Continue reading

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Genocide Watch

One of the joys of doing a degree with the open university is learning new things, and that it makes you seek out further knowledge. The real joy is never the set reading but the further reading you seek out … Continue reading

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