As its world book day…

As its #worldbookday it would be remiss of me not to mention my novels, as well as a few by other indie writers… But first, my own novels Passing Place and Cider Lane

girl in the coridor 2

You can read about them in the links above, and in a post or three on here. So I ain’t going to drone on about them. Except to say, on the advice of other people, you should buy them, read them and enjoy them…

fireside wisdom

While on the subject of world book day, you should also take a chance on the Novels of the ladies listed below. (why all the books I have reviewed recently are written by members of the fairer sex I have no idea. I only realised this was the case when I started writing this bit. Perhaps no men are writing fabulously interesting novels right now… Other than me (see above )).

So, apart from my own novels, I recommend:-

The Thieves’ Guild and Thieves’ Guild origin’s novels of C.G.Hatton    Which I have reviewed a couple of times here, and here, and here

No one messes with the Thieves’ Guild. Except someone just did. Blackmail, murder, betrayal and the highest bounty in history set the Thieves’ Guild at the centre of a conflict that sparks a galaxy-wide war. And that’s just the beginning…

K.R. Baucherel’s astoundingly positive view of the future… Bitcoin Hurricane, which I review here

Cameron Silvera runs a threat intelligence agency in 2040s London. While defusing a routine cyber attack in a city bank, the team uncovers a warning of chaos to come. How will Cameron’s team, and their friends and families, prepare to battle the oncoming storm?


And Katie Salvo’s fascinating insightful into the life of Nietzsche sister Elizabeth… God is a Bedlamite which I reviewed here.

‘Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.’


So happy world book day to all, and happy reading…

Note. if any indie authors of the bearded kind want their books reviewing feel free to say hi…


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