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Writing the Lexicromicon

Over the course of the last four years I have somewhat inadvertently written a non-fiction book. This was a somewhat alarming thing to discover as it was never really my intention. I’m a writer of fiction god-damn-it. I don’t write … Continue reading

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The Shadow over Innsmouth / TCL #61

While many of Lovecraft’s stories were published in periodical magazines like Weird Tales in his lifetime, only one was ever published as a book, even then the whole print run was only 200 copies each priced at a dollar. It … Continue reading

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At The Mountains Of Madness :TCL #60

Its fair to say that of all Lovecraft’s stories Call of Cthulhu has had the greatest cultural impact in the zeitgeist, but in terms of over all impact and inspiration At The Mountains of Madness probably tips the scales. Of … Continue reading

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The History of the Necronomicon: TCL#56

The history of the Necronomicon is not a story as such, but a brief foe-academic┬átreatise on the history of the most famous book old tentacle hugger ever dreamed up. He never wrote it, for reasons that are perhaps obvious (what … Continue reading

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