The Sunday Reviews#2

Last Sunday I dropped three short reviews for indie books I have read in the last few months because I was working through a backlog of Amazon reviews. As it proved remarkably popular I thought I would do another one this Sunday, that and because it will encourage me to finish working through my list of indie reviews I keep meaning to do and don’t get around to.  I have kept the same format from last Sunday. These are short snappy reviews and meant as nothing more in-depth than that. If I have longer reviews of an author’s other books I will drop the links in at the bottom.

This weeks trio are by three ladies of Sci-fi, all be it different genres within the ecliptic that is the sci-fi genre. C.G.Hatton’s space opera romp, Shelley Adina’s steampunk eccentrics, and Jodi Taylor’s time twister, between them, cover a broad church of style and settings, but they all have one thing in common, great writing…


Blatant Disregard (Thieves' Guild: Book Two): (Science Fiction Galactic Wars - Alien Invasion Series) by [Hatton, C.G.]

Blatant Disregard by C.G.Hatton

★★★★★  Everything you want in sci-fi and more

  When the first book of a series blows you away, as ‘Residual Belligerence’ did me. You tend to expect more of the same and are so often disappointed when a sequel does quite match up to the original. Blatant Disregard blatantly disregards that norm delivering on the promise of the first novel and then ups its game still further. A fabulous sequel that just ups the already high bar. Read it, read it now (after you read the first one…)



Lady Of Devices by Shelley Adina 

★★★★★  A wonderfully impossible never-was

Steampunk is hard to write well, a balance needs to be struck between the fabulous and the grim realities of the past, to make a world that feels real for all we know it never was. Lady of Devices strikes that balance perfectly and for a while, as you read it you can get lost in the wonderfully impossible never was…



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Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor 

★★★★★ Historical in places, hysterical in others..

Time travel and that age-old problem with paradoxes is a well-trodden road by many a writer. It takes a good one to lift a novel above the cliché…J T manages to pull this off and drag you along on a whirlwind ride of possibly and implausibility that never seems implausible at the time. It’s not perfect, but I am sure there’s much more to come from St Mary’s practical historians…


All reviews are utterly honest, I don’t and never will do paid reviews of any form, and I don’t intentionally set myself up as a reviewer. I am just a writer who happens to read a lot, which is something most writers do… I review things I read because as a writer I know how important reviews are, and how nice it is to receive a review, unexpected ones even more so. This will probably be a semi-regular feature, and I am unlikely to run out of books to review. But, if your an indie author feel free to get in touch, though I don’t promise I’ll read everyone’s books, as if a novel doesn’t directly appeal to me I will pass. I would much rather give a good review than an ‘its not really for me’ review of a book because I am only vaguely interested in to start with.


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