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Letting the other half govern (finally)

Back in 2013, on my previous blog, I wrote a post called ‘Women in politics, politics in decline’. It contained a lot of facts and figures, mainly because it started out before that as part of an essay for the … Continue reading

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Polaris : The Complete Lovecraft #6

‘Polaris‘ takes it name from the north star, that single static point in the ballet of the night sky around which all else appears to revolve. The star so beloved of sailor and navigators in general due to its constancy. … Continue reading

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All we are saying…

This post, like some others I have made, started out as a minor rant and attempt at light heartiness in response to a mild bout of despair at the human condition because if you can’t at least try to raise … Continue reading

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A Biography of Depression

There is this pit which,  I believe, we all walk around the edge of at some time in our lives. Though the lucky among us may never notice they are doing so, the worst they may experience is a cold shiver … Continue reading

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This is an unapologetic rant which started on facebook when someone pointed out an error I had made spelling popularism. I have placed it here only because having ranted I realised it was perhaps something I felt I needed to … Continue reading

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Alan Turing

As a nation, the British were lucky in the second world war to have Alan Turing. His genius directly shortened the war by two, possibly three years, and in doing so saved millions. Further to this, we know the Nazis were … Continue reading

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Polarising America

The polarisation of American society over this Presidential Election is the worst I have ever witnessed. The partisan hatred between Republican and Democratic camps has grown in vitriol and anger with each passing week. Each side seems entirely blind to anything … Continue reading

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2000AD hits prog 2000 redux

Back in the mists of time (or 1977 as we also called it). Before the video game revolution, before mobile phones, and before superhero movies had real special effects.  When Star Wars, was the only Star Wars movie and the Sfi Channel … Continue reading

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Depression, talking about it

Depression is not a natural subject for me to write about because I have suffered from it more than once in my adult life. It’s not a subject I find easy to talk about in general, less still when it … Continue reading

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Play like a girl, spit out the blood and carry on

There is a culture some parts of the gaming community of bullying and sexism, based on the simple, but entirely wrong, perception. That perception is that girls don’t play video games well. More to the point the perception that they … Continue reading

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